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    (11 to 64 years old)

    € 30,00 € 25,50

    per person


    (height >= 0,90 meters and up to 10 years)

    € 21,00 € 18,70

    per person


    (height < 0,90 meters)

    € 0,00 € 0,00

    per person


    (> 65 years old)

    € 21,00 € 18,70

    per person

TOTAL € 0,00

****15% discount online - Early bird campaign, valid from 10 January to 10 February 2023, for the purchase of tickets with access to the park between 3 April and 3 November 2023 **** To change your visit date contact us via phone or email


Services and information

Slide & Splash offers various services to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.



The Park has lockers for individually use, that work with a bracelet that can be used on the slides.
Price 5,00€ + 10,00€ de depósito (refundable on delivery of the bracelet and rental receipt). The lockers are located in the changing rooms.

Sun Loungers / Sun shade / Cabanas


You can rent the sun umbrella at the reception of the park, for a deposit of 5€+5€ (refundable on delivery of the umbrella and rental receipt), as well as choose the Cabana you can rent, located next to the new BigFall-Race-Boomerang area (these are new areas reserved for groups, find out more on the Homepage).
Sun lounger rental is charged on site by a member of staff. You have the option of two sun loungers for €5 (where you can put your own sun hat or one of ours); or the option of the set of two sun loungers with straw sun hat and a side table, situated in a restricted area next to The Big Wave for €15.

Sun loungers cannot be moved to other areas.



The park is prepared to receive people with reduced mobility, regarding tours and access to services.
If you have a wheelchair suitable for walking in the water, you can use it in the Laguna (swimming pool) or Tropical Paradise (one of the areas for children), where there are access ramps.
Regarding slides, given their nature and safety rules, there are limitations for people with reduced mobility, requiring a certain degree of physical condition, namely walking autonomously. There are several conditions that lead us to appeal to a consideration as to the physical-motor condition of each one. See here configuration and rules for each fun:

First Aid and


Slide & Splash has a permanent nursing professional.
There is also a Defibrillator, under the responsibility of employees capable of handling it.

Food and Beverage


There is a wide variety of food options at the various food outlets in the park: Pizza, lasagne, salads, fruit, ice cream, granola, hamburgers, fish and chicken fingers, soup, roast chicken, breaded chicken, hot dogs, sandwiches, cakes and various drinks.

Lost & Found


If you happen to lose an object during your visit at the Park, please go to Reception.



During your visit you can leave your vehicle in the car park located next to Slide and Splash’s entrance which is free for visitors.



In the shop you will find a solution for any convenience or simply to buy souvenirs of the park or of Portugal/Algarve. We have towels, bikinis, bathing suits and accessories, slippers, sweatshirts and Slide & Splash; Algarve handicraft articles and several souvenirs of the park and typical of the Algarve; tobacco and toys.



There is an external company providing a photographic service to, if you wish, take away a souvenir of your experience of your day of water fun.

Aquafeeling – Fish Spa & Massage


The Aquafeeling company is present in the park, by The Big Wave, with Fish Spa tanks and massage service.