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Preventive Measures – Covid 19

21 March, 2022

No vaccination certificate or COVID-19 virus detection tests are required to enter the park.

Slide & Splash carried out a strict Contingency Plan with preventive measures guided by the Health Authorities, in order to minimize potential risks associated with the New Coronavirus (COVID – 19). This Plan is available for consultation at the Park Reception.

Exposure to the Covid-19 virus is an inherent risk in any public place. Slide & Splash is committed to a responsible effort in the execution of preventive measures, in order to avoid this risk. We also believe in the fulfillment of these measures by our customers. We endorse an encouragement phrase, published by the Municipality of Lagoa : “More Freedom, Greater Responsibility

Here are the new rules of operation of the park and the reinforced preventive safety and hygiene measures that, in addition to the usual Park Rules, we must all comply with.

Visit advanced booking is mandatory

Except for exclusive campaigns at the park ticket office, such as a promotion for Residents, Children’s Day or other special partnerships.

We recommend the prior purchase of tickets through our online ticket office that, according to availability, it will be automatically booked, in this case you don’t need to Check-in. Buy your tickets here.

For undated tickets or vouchers, purchased at points of sale or digital platforms, we request that you book the day in advance on our online check-in system, soon available,

Tickets or vouchers that do not have a scheduled date will be denied.

For reasons related to the pandemic, the cancellation of the visit will be entitled to a full refund.

Social distancing

We pride ourselves in terms of the ideal conditions to function in this atypical period of the pandemic, both in terms of the will and responsibility assumed by the Slide & Splash team, and in terms of our infrastructure. We have a great value, our large lawn area of ​​16,000 m2, which allows our customers a comfortable social distance.

We request that the distance between people be at least 2 meters, except for cohabitants. The access to the slides is signaled by a single entrance, duly marked. Safety distances between users are marked on the floor or on the sides of waiting lines. Whenever possible, walk on your right side.


Health and Safety

Wearing a mask and shoes is mandatory in all enclosed spaces such as bathrooms, restaurants, shop, infirmary and reception. Comply with respiratory procedure measures.
We call for regular hand hygiene, based on alcohol or soap and water, and please avoid touching surfaces of common touch. Hand sanitizer dispensers were distributed throughout the park.

We ensure redoubled cleaning and disinfection of equipment and surfaces for collective use (handrails, counters, toilets, ATMs, tables and chairs) and individual (loungers, floats and rugs), alongside the usual control of water quality and its disinfection.

Slide & Splash shuttle service is not available

Slide & Splash decided to suspend the shuttle service on all of its circuits, throughout the 2022 season.

Conditioned attractions

At the moment, there are no conditioned attractions.

For operational, climatic, safety or health reasons, the company reserves the right to close, without prior notice, any attraction or service. We ask for your comphension and warn that such occurrence will not result in any discount or refund of the ticket

ATTENTION: If you have any symptoms related to Covid-19, you should not visit public spaces. If you have any symptoms within the park, we will activate our Contingency Plan with the help of our nursing team.


Any of these measures / rules may change without notice, according to the evolution of the pandemic and guidelines dictated by the authorities.

Failure to comply with preventive measures is subject to the national legislation in force.

Slide & Splash, the management