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    (11 to 64 years old)

    € 30,00 € 27,00

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    (>= 1 metre in height and up to 10 years)

    € 22,00 € 19,80

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    (< 1 metre tall)

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    (> 65 years old)

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Tickets heights and ages refer to the day of the visit / Height is measured with the child barefoot
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Map of the Park

Mapa do Parque
Mapa do Parque


Tropical Paradise up to 12 years old.


Children Foam Slides – it is allowed up to 1,20m height.

Most of the slides allow users over 1 metre tall. On the slides with floats, users are allowed to be between 0.90m and 1.20m tall, sa long as they are accompanied by an adult on a double ring. For a single ring, you must be over 1.20m tall.
In the Jacuzzi, the minimum height allowed is 1.40m and in the Big Fall it is 1.25m.


The weight limit is 100kg on an individual float, 200kg on a double float and on the BigWave with 2 or 4 people the maximum weight is 320kg. The weight limit on body slides and slides with mats is 136kg.

The ideal is to know how to swim for your safety. The depth of the pools vary: the children’s pool is between 0.2m and 0.4m; the swimming pool is between 1m and 1.60m; the pools with slides are between 1m and 1.20m deep, except for the Drops which is 1.60m. Blue Hole has no pool, as do Kamikase, Race, Boomerang and BigFall.
Each pool has an indication of its depth, as well as the presence of a lifeguard who can assist with any difficulties.

The slides with some closed parts are not recommended for claustrophobic people, people with heart problems and pregnant women. We advise you to always check all the information at the entrance of each slide or on website map.