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    (11 to 64 years old)

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    (>= 1 metre in height and up to 10 years)

    € 22,00 € 19,80

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    (< 1 metre tall)

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    (> 65 years old)

    € 22,00 € 19,80

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Promotion season 2023 - 10% discount online
Tickets heights and ages refer to the day of the visit / Height is measured with the child barefoot
Check our Cancellation Policy


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New conditions for Junior and Infant tickets


Junior (height >= 1metre and up to 10 years)
Infante (height < 1metre)
ATTENTION: the height is measured with the child barefoot.
We have changed the characteristics of the children’s ticket and junior ticket, instead of age we have started to determine by height, that is, up to one metre of age you do not pay to enter the park, and with more than one metre until you are 10 years old you are considered junior. This change is also reflected in the body slides, it is no longer from 5 years old but from one metre in height that you are allowed to slide on a body slide. On the slides with buoy and for children, as well as the jacuzzi, the rules remain the same.

Permitted ages, weight and heights


There are two areas for children, Tropical Paradise up to 12 years old and Children Foam Slides where it is allowed up to 1,20m height.

Height – Most of the slides allow users over 1 metre tall. On the slides with floats, users are allowed to be between 0.90m and 1.20m tall, sa long as they are accompanied by an adult on a double ring. For a single ring, you must be over 1.20m tall.
In the Jacuzzi, the minimum height allowed is 1.40m and in the Big Fall it is 1.25m.

Weight – The weight limit is 100kg on an individual float, 200kg on a double float and on the BigWave with 2 or 4 people the maximum weight is 320kg. The weight limit on body slides and slides with mats is 136kg.
It is not possible to go alone on a double float, if you have more than 100kg you are not allowed to ride on slides with floats/buoys, except on Boomerang. If you’re under 136kg you can ride on the body slides Foam Slides, Corkscrew, The Tunnel, Drops, all slides on Big Slides Tower, Banzai, Kamikaze, Race and BigFall.

The ideal is to know how to swim for your safety. The depth of the pools vary: the children’s pool is between 0.2m and 0.4m; the swimming pool is between 1m and 1.60m; the pools with slides are between 1m and 1.20m deep, except for the Drops which is 1.60m. Blue Hole has no pool, as do Kamikase, Race, Boomerang and BigFall.
Each pool has an indication of its depth, as well as the presence of a lifeguard who can assist with any difficulties.
The slides with some closed parts are not recommended for claustrophobic people, people with heart problems and pregnant women. We advise you to always check all the information at the entrance of each slide or on our website:

Use of armbands and life jackets on the water slides


It is only possible to wear armbands or a life vest on the slides with buoys, in Laguna pool and the Tropical Paradise children’s area. The adult can go down the slide first and tell the lifeguard that he/she wants to wait and help the child to get out of the slide. Please note that the minimum height allowed on the slides is 1 metre. The reason why we do not allow the use of the armbands or waistcoat is for the child’s own safety, as it may interfere with the route and stop the child on the slide. In addition to the adult being able to help the child out of the slide, we also have first-aiders at each pool.

Pools depths


The advisable is to know how to swim, for your safety.
If it’s a child, you can grab her or him at the slides exit, informing the lifeguard at the pool first.
The depth of the pools varies: the depth of the children’s pools is between 20 cm and 40 cm, the Laguna pool is between 1 m and 1.60 m. The pools with slides are between 1m and 1.20m deep, with the exception of Drops, which is 1.60m.
Each pool has information about its depth, as well as the presence of a lifeguard who can help with any difficulty.

Is the water heated in the attractions and pools?


The water in our attractions and pools is not heated, except in the jacuzzi. You may wear a suit or shirt made of neoprene or lycra, cotton clothing is prohibited.
The water in the Tropical Paradise is usually cooler because it is a large area. But, as a general rule, the water temperature is around:
April – 18ºC; May – 19ºC; June – 20ºC; July and October- 22ºC; August and September – 23ºC

Lockers, sunshades, sunbeds and Cabanas rental


Lockers – individual use and work with a waterproof wristband available at Reception for 5 euros + 10 euros security deposit (refundable on delivery of wristband and rental receipt). The lockers are located at the entrance to the changing rooms, next to the shop. They all have the same capacity, for about 3 backpacks. Dimensions – width 28 cm, height 45 cm and depth 46 cm.
Parasols – can be rented at Reception for €5 + €5 deposit (refundable on delivery of parasol and rental receipt)
Sunbeds – hire is collected on site from a member of staff. You have the option of two sun loungers for €5 (where you can put your sun hat or one of ours); or the option of a set of two sun loungers with straw sun hat and a side table, located in a restricted area next to The Big Wave for €15.
Cabana – these are the new areas reserved for groups of up to 4, 6 or 10 people. The rental is done at the Reception of the park and it is not possible to book.

What is included in the new Cabanas service? Is it not possible to book online?


The cabanas are the new reserved areas, for groups of 4, 6 and 10 people. It includes sun loungers, shade, storage cupboard, safe and minibar. Occupants are offered bottles of water and a 10% discount in the restaurants and shop Does not include the park entry tickets. Rental is exclusive at the reception inside the park for the same day, on a first come, first served basis, no reservations accepted.
See prices in

I’m not sliding, do I have to pay a ticket to get in?


Everyone pays the same way to enter the park. We don’t just have slides, we have a swimming pool, jacuzzi, massage and fish-spa centre, restaurants and a large leisure area with sun loungers or lawn.

2nd Day Ticket


Buy your 2nd day ticket for just €12 per person. (Normal, Junior or Senior Ticket).
During the 1st day of the visit, buy the 2nd day ticket at Reception and get your wristband. If you purchased it at an external sales point, you will have to exchange it for the wristband at the park’s Reception on the first day of your visit, before leaving the park.
Once outside the park, it is not possible to purchase a 2nd day ticket or exchange a ticket for a wristband. Access on the 2nd day is carried out using an identification wristband, which is personal and non-transferable.
The 2nd day ticket is valid for the next 10 days after the first visit.
Failure to present or violate the wristband will invalidate access to the park.
Not combinable with other promotions.

Are there half-day tickets? Is there a Fast Pass?


We do not have half-day prices, please check the rates here:

We do not have a Fast Pass, an extra fee you pay to skip the line.

Are there family or group tickets?


We do not have special prices for families or private groups with less than 30 people For groups of an institutional nature, please send an email to

Special rates for people with physical disabilities, deaf/mute


For people with disabilities – up to 80% disability or a handicap that allows to enjoy our attractions to the fullest, Slide & Splash has a special price of €23 (from 11 to 64 years old) and €15 (> 1 metre until 10 years old).

The presentation of medical proof is mandatory. These special tickets are only available at the park ticket office, they are not cumulative with other promotions, there is no possibility of booking and each case can be analyzed by the management.

If it’s a disability over 80% and impossible to enjoy our attractions, entrance is free. It is possible to use a wheelchair on the Laguna pool or the children’s pool Tropical Paradise.

For the rest of the group, we recommend buying in advance with a 10% discount at our online ticket office:

Special pregnant price


We have a special pregnancy price of €23. These special tickets are only available at the park’s ticket office, it is not cumulative with other promotions and there is no possibility of booking the date of the visit. In high season we are having full capacity but we provide a margin of tickets for the day for situations like this, so we advise you to arrive as soon as possible.
For the rest of the group I advise to get the tickets online, besides having 10% discount you’ll have your visit booked.



These partnerships are exclusive to the park’s physical ticket office, with entry on the day of purchase:
– Portuguese Security Forces and Health Professionals – 23€ and 21€ (holder + household)
– Youth Card and National and International Students – 23 euros (holder only)
– Jumbo Card, Olá Club and Rik Rok – 10% – (holder + 3 people)
– Portuguese bank Employees Union – 24€ (holder + 3 people)
– Portuguese Ministry of Justice – 23 euros (holder + 3 persons)
– Journalists and Travel Agents- 23 euros (holder + 2 people)
– BCP bank – 10% – (holder only)
– ACP, Totta bank, Interpass and Portuguese FNAC card – 15% – (holder only)
It is necessary to present identification. Partnerships cannot be accumulated with other promotions and are subject to modification without prior notice.
It is not possible to book the day of the visit in these exclusive promotions of the park’s ticket office, being subject to the park’s availability.
During the high season, from 15/07 to 15/09, there is a daily margin of entries at the park’s ticket office, so we advise you to arrive as early as possible.

Do I need to print e-tickets?


It is not necessary to print the tickets, you can show them digitally on a screen at the entrance of the park.

Food and drink inside the park


You may bring food and drink into the park, but you may not consume them on the slides, pools and esplanades.
The only restriction is on glass objects (bottles, jars, containers). The entrance of balls and pets (except guide dogs) is also not allowed.

We have 6 catering sites available in the park. All serve coffee and:
– Splash Restaurant – delicious burgers, salads, sandwiches, soup, roast chicken, nuggets, fish fingers, chicken breaded and hot dogs
– Pizzaria e Geladaria – assorted pizzas and salads
– Kiosk Rio (next to the large children’s area Tropical Paradise) – chicken snack, hot dogs, nuggets, fish fingers and sandwiches
– Brandas Kiosk – hot dogs and crepes (only open July and August)
– Olá Kiosk – hot dogs and ice cream (only open July and August)
– Jardim Kiosk – ice cream and snacks (only open July and August)



As for gluten-free food, we have the Spring Salad (vegetarian) and special menus of hot dog sausage or grilled pork with salad at the Splash Restaurant. All other menus, despite the minimal amounts of gluten present in some of them, we cannot guarantee its absence.
For vegetarian diet, we also have pizza “Meditteranea”.



We don’t have shuttle service available.
The best and fastest way to get here would be by taxi or Uber, or ask at any Hotel Reception for a Transfer service. But you also have the possibility to come by public bus or train, our stop is “Estombar-Lagoa”.

BY CAR Google Maps

BY BUS – Vamus Algarve
“Estômbar-Lagoa” stop (in front of the park) -htps://
Lines 13 and 14 Albufeira-Portimão; Line 113 Portimão-Messines; Line 51 Lagos-Albufeira, with a stop at Lagoa Bus Station + 25 minutes walking distance or 4 minutes by bus Lines 7, 103 or 113. From other parts of the Algarve, first use other lines to Albufeira, Portimão or Lagos.

BY TRAIN – Map of CP services
“Estômbar-Lagoa” stop + 15 minutes walking distance
From Vila Real Santo António – Faro – Loulé – Albufeira – Lagoa – Lagos:

Is there an annual pass for the season?


We do not have annual passes. Take advantage of the online discount and the second day ticket.

What is the quietest day of the week, with fewer visitors?


The weekend is usually quieter, especially on Sunday. However, during the high season, those days are also very busy.

Using cameras or mobile phones on slides


In accordance with our rules, you may not use any filming/photographic cameras/Action Cam’s (GoPro) on the body slides, only on the float rides and they must be attached to head or chest straps.
Mobile phones are not permitted in waterproof bags on all slides, but can only be used on the Tropical Paradise and Laguna pools.
Accessories are available in our shop.
Good videos and photos, we will be happy to share them on our social networks.

Can teenagers enter alone?


Children aged 11 years or older do not need an adult to enter the park, however we do point out that we are not responsible for them.

No glasses allowed on slides


For safety reasons, and because there have already been several incidents, we do not allow the use of glasses on the slides, with the exception of special glasses for water/swimming, “surf glasses” or “goggles”.

What clothes are allowed to wear on the slides?


There are restrictions on wearing clothes on the slides. If, for cultural or personal reasons, you must wear clothing other than shorts, swimwear or bikinis on the slides, it must be tight lycra without any metal parts. Water-appropriate burkinis and t-shirts made of lycra and not cotton are permitted. Water appropriate shoes/socks are also permitted and must not contain any metal parts.
We are not responsible for damage to any clothing used in our amusements.

Souvenir photographs


The company responsible for photographs taken in the park follows a policy of destroying and deleting all photographs at the end of the day, because of the Data Protection Act. It is therefore not possible to purchase after you have left the park.